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The toolchain for the moxie architecture consists of the following tools:

  • the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
  • GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection
  • GDB, the GNU Debugger, including a port of the GDB simulator to the moxie architecture
  • QEMU, the Open Source Processor Emulator
  • Newlib, a C library for bare-metal embedded software development

Supported target triplets include moxie-elf, moxie-rtems (for RTEMS application development), and moxiebox (a special purpose configuration for the moxiebox bitcoin oracle project).

Getting and Building the Tools

Binary Distributions

Signed packages for moxie-elf, moxie-rtems and moxiebox are available for Fedora, CentOS and RHEL. Simply download and install the appropriate repo package below:

The fingerprint for the signing key is 1D94 EA73 7436 1929 B906 804C 89D7 255C BFE9 22AD.

Example usage:

$ rpm -ivh
$ yum install -y moxielogic-moxiebox-gcc moxielogic-moxiebox-newlib moxielogic-moxiebox-gdb
$ /opt/moxielogic/bin/moxiebox-gcc 
moxie-elf-gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

Source Distributions

The moxie-cores project provides scripts to download and build the toolchain on Linux hosts. See the tools directory for the download and build scripts.

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