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Moxie SoC Progress

Time for a quick update!

"Marin" is the name of my test SoC consisting of a wishbone wrapped 75Mhz big-endian MoxieLite bus master, along with two slave devices: embedded ROM and the Nexys3's 7-segment display. So, right now I can write some code into FPGA embedded ROM to manipulate the …

MoxieLite in Action

Brad Robinson just sent me this awesome shot of MoxieLite in action. His Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA based SoC features a moxie core handling VGA video, keyboard and FAT-on-flash filesystem duties using custom firmware written in C. This is all in support of a second z80-based core on the same FPGA …

It's Alive!

There's a working hardware implementation of moxie in the wild!

Intrepid hacker Brad Robinson created this moxie-compatible core as a peripheral controller for his SoC. He had been using a simple 8-bit core, but needed to address more memory than was possible with the 8-bit part. Moxie is a nice …

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