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A Disassembler in Verilog

I've been playing around a little more with verilog. Here's a mostly complete moxie disassembler module written in verilog.

And here's a little driver for it. The driver reads a hex dump file into an array representing memory. On every clock cycle it updates the instruction and data output registers and increments the program counter. The disassembler samples those values on every cycle, and tells the driver how far to increment the PC. Pretty basic stuff!

$ moxie-elf-gcc -o hello.x hello.c -Tsim.ld
$ moxie-elf-objdump hello.x -O verilog hello.vh
$ iverilog test-iprinter.v ../../iprinter.v
$ ./a.out
        ldi.l   $sp ,   0x00400000
        ldi.l   $fp ,    0x00000000
        dec     $sp ,     12
        ldi.l   $r0 ,    0x000128b4

etc etc etc

Nothing too impressive really. I've stuck this test code in a directory hierarchy that would be useful for dejagnu, as I plan on using dejagnu for regression testing the various HDL modules.

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