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Adding a Real Time Clock

After a UART, one of the most useful and interesting peripherals you can add to a board is a Real Time Clock (RTC). Qemu comes with a simulation of Freescale's MC146818 RTC chip. Adding it to our qemu-defined board was as simple as....

   rtc_mm_init(0x400, 0, 0, 0);

This makes the MC146818 available as a memory mapped port at 0x400 on our target board. The simplest way to use this is to implement a qemu specific time() function in the qemu BSP that pulls the current time from the 0x400-mapped port. I won't include the code here, but it's quite simple, and found in
moxiedev/src/libgloss/moxie/qemu-time.c. Now functions like gettimeofday() work as expected, making the whole platform a little more real.

After an RTC, I think the next most interesting peripheral is an interrupt controller, but this will require more thought about the system architecture and how moxie will handle exceptions.

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