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GTKWave Tip #1

GTKWave is a new tool for me, so I'll use this space to post useful tips as I discover them.

The first tip comes from Tony Bybell, author of GTKWave, who pointed me at some helpful functionality in a recent blog comment. You can enhance GTKWave's waveform display by replacing the normal data presentation with something of your own design. So, for instance, instead of looking at an opcode of "8033", you can see the disassenbled moxie instruction inc $fp 3. You do this by implementing a program that reads raw values from stdin and writes translations to stdout, and then attaching this program as a filter to one of your signals.

I wrote a quick moxie disassembler in lisp (gtkwave-opcodes.lisp), and it is proving to be very handy!

gtkwave with moxie disassembly

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