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Moxie on Altera's Cyclone II, and a Chance Encounter

I recently fired up the Altera software, Quartus II, and spent a little time porting the Marin SoC to the popular Cyclone II based DE2 board. There's no external memory support yet, but on-chip memory is working, and it looks like the on-chip bootloader is coming up properly. As usual, everything has been committed to github at

I was riding the subway to a meeting downtown today after a late night of messing around with Quartus II when I noticed a guy with an Altera bag sitting next to me --- the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon in action! So I struck up a conversation, and it turns out he works on the Quartus II place-and-route software here in the Toronto office. Small world!

Also, I just noticed something extremely cool in Fedora rawhide (the incubator that will produce Fedora 20): 'yum install qemu-system-moxie` works! It's packaged up as part of the latest QEMU release in Fedora.

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