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Moxie: the ggx reboot

Hola Amigos!  Several months ago I experimented with a new ISA design called ggx. I blogged about the co-evolution of the ISA and tools, and it was fun.

Now, after a short break, I'm ready to resume hacking.

I'm also ready to put a stake in the ground as far as goals are concerned. My original goal with this effort was to bring up a toolchain for a new ISA from scratch. Mission Accomplished. The next steps?

  • Boot the Linux kernel on a qemu port
  • Produce a synthesizable verilog implementation running on FPGA hardware.

I hope this will be an interesting journey. Please subscribe to this new blog and make heavy use of the comments.

I've also decided to rename the processor. The ggx processor is now the moxie processor!

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