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QEMU 1.5 includes Moxie support

QEMU 1.5 was just released the other day, and in the "And much more..." category I'm happy to say that it includes Moxie support!

This release contains basic Moxie core support, with the imaginary "moxiesim" board support. I have some local changes that provide Marin SoC emulation, and can run the on-chip bootloader I recently wrote about. In this example, for instance, we're sending the u-boot bootloader program in srecord format to qemu's emulated serial port on stdin. It looks just like the real hardware does...

$ cat ~/u-boot.srec | qemu-system-moxie --machine marin --kernel bootrom.elf --nographic
MOXIE On-Chip Bootloader v1.0
Copyright (c) 2013 Anthony Green

Waiting for S-Record Download...
Jumping to code at 0x30000000.
    U-Boot Start:0x30000000
Using default environment

U-BOOT for "marin"

We're just a few baby steps away from being able to do really cool things!

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