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Summer is over, so put away the white pants and start submitting patches!

It's been a while since my last update. What can I say... summer was nice.

But now, back to business! I've just committed some long overdue patches to the upstream GNU tools:

Speed bumps on the road to moxie userland

Sooo..... it turns out there's lots to take care of before userland apps like BusyBox can run.

  • The root filesystem. This one is easy. I just built a short Hello World application in C with moxie-uclinux-gcc. This produces an executable in BFLT format which I call 'init'. The kernel build …

Moxie GCC port is upstream!

The moxie port has been accepted by the GCC steering committee!

I just checked it in.

That is all.

Everything is relative (finally!)

The Moxie ISA still needs quite a bit of tuning. Take branches, for instance. A beq instruction currently encoded like so...

`00001111xxxxxxxx iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii`

...where the "x"s represent "don't care" bits, and "i"s are a 32-bit absolute branch target. That's right -- branch targets are not PC relative! This is …

Loading programs into the verilog simulation

The moxie newlib port was just accepted. The GCC port will take a little longer to review, but I hope that it will get accepted early next week. Already there has been some useful feedback resulting in a few improvements. For instance, the moxie libgcc.a now provides the soft-fp …


I made some progress on using moxie-elf-gdb with qemu the other day. Qemu has an integrated gdb stub, so GDB speaks to it via the remote protocol. It's still not quite there, but getting close. I'm anxious to get it working, as it's the last step before hacking on the …

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