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I made some progress on using moxie-elf-gdb with qemu the other day. Qemu has an integrated gdb stub, so GDB speaks to it via the remote protocol. It's still not quite there, but getting close. I'm anxious to get it working, as it's the last step before hacking on the Linux kernel port.

I've also tweaked the "ant srpm" target, so it creates clean SRPMs for binutils, newlib, gcc, gdb and qemu. Well, sort of. When building GCC from scratch you actually have to build it twice: once to build newlib, and the second time with the installed newlib. This is easy enough to handle in MoxieDev where I have a single tree and full control over the build sequence. It's a little bit weirder in RPM-land because of the circular dependencies between packages. I was able to bootstrap it on my system, but it's a hack. I may resort to merging the newlib sources into the GCC SPRM, and then make newlib a subpackage of gcc. Release engineering is the suck!

And, finally, I've merged the latest and greatest trunk revisions of gcc and src into MoxieDev. Woooo - it all still works! Check out the commit logs in the blog sidebar.

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