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NetHack in your browser

This is a moxie-rtems port of NetHack running on a modified version of the gdb moxie simulator compiled to javascript with emscripten.

Terminal uses canvas

Krister Lagerström is responsible for this marvellous hack.

Also, I suppose this blog entry represents a distribution of some GPL'd source code from GDB, so …

Putting it together: on-chip firmware

The on-chip firmware for the Marin SoC has been updated with the gdb stub, so now when you program the FPGA, you'll see the following on the serial console:

MOXIE On-Chip Bootloader v2.0
Copyright (c) 2013 Anthony Green

Waiting for an S-Record Download or Remote GDB Connection …

A Really Tiny GDB Remote Protocol Stub

I recently trimmed the Marin SoC's on-chip memory down to 4k. The existing firmware for downloading srecord programs into external RAM for execution was taking up about 2k. With 2k to spare, I was wondering if you could fit a GDB remote protocol stub in there as well. It turns …

Native On-Chip GDB Remote Protocol Support

A typical software debug solution for an embedded systems might involve a JTAG connection to the board, and then some kind of protocol translation software that handles communication between GDB's remote serial protocol and the target JTAG port (see OpenOCD, for instance). The FPGA systems I'm working with include JTAG …

It's Alive!

There's a working hardware implementation of moxie in the wild!

Intrepid hacker Brad Robinson created this moxie-compatible core as a peripheral controller for his SoC. He had been using a simple 8-bit core, but needed to address more memory than was possible with the 8-bit part. Moxie is a nice …

Notes on a novel in-game CPU: the dcpu-16

The hacker behind the Minecraft phenomena, Notch, is working on his next game, most likely another hit. This one is interesting in that it includes an in-game 16-bit processor called the dcpu-16. Details are sparse, but it seems as though gamers will use this processor to control spacecraft and play …

Summer is over, so put away the white pants and start submitting patches!

It's been a while since my last update. What can I say... summer was nice.

But now, back to business! I've just committed some long overdue patches to the upstream GNU tools:

More hello world progress with uClibc/uClinux, and a GDB question.

Tonight I got a hello world app to use uClibc's puts() routine! This is a big deal because it's the first time I've had system calls coming in from userland. I haven't checked the changes in yet, because they're a mess, but here's a basic run-down of what I had …

Kernel update: device trees and kernel threads

I've spent a lot of time in airports/planes/hotels recently, which is good news for the moxie linux port. It runs about 6.5M instructions, booting up to the point where a couple of kernel threads are created. However, a few context switches later it all comes tumbling down …

Reverse debugging!

A few weeks ago I happened to be in Palo Alto and met up with my friend and long-time GDB hacker Michael Snyder. He told me about a new feature in GDB called "process recording". The basic idea is that when you tell GDB to enter into "record mode", it …

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