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A Really Tiny GDB Remote Protocol Stub

I recently trimmed the Marin SoC's on-chip memory down to 4k. The existing firmware for downloading srecord programs into external RAM for execution was taking up about 2k. With 2k to spare, I was wondering if you could fit a GDB remote protocol stub in there as well. It turns out that you can! Here is the code for tinystub.c:

With this stub you can load programs into the target device, examine memory, run programs and even set breakpoints (I had to finally implement BRK in the moxielite core for this).

A full tinystub executable (with startup code, etc), is about 2200 bytes of moxie code. This means I can easily merge it with the existing firmware, allowing people to either download an srecord program or connect to the device with moxie-elf-gdb. I believe everything is in place now to support running the GCC testsuite on hardware (dejagnu will use gdb to download an execute test programs).

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