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The start of a uClinux userland

Before we can start building BusyBox, we need a few more bits of technology...

  • uClibc: this is a popular embedded C library, like newlib, but used more often in Linux environments. I ported uClibc to the moxie core just like every other bit of software in this project: quickly! My strategy has always been to make things link as quickly as possible, and then sort out the details later. This seems to be a workable strategy in the presence of good testsuites and the like.
  • elf2flt: this utility turns moxie ELF binaries into the "Binary Flat" (BFLT) format currently required by my Linux port. The BFLT format is required because: (a) we don't have an MMU yet, so there's a single address space for the kernel and all applications, and (b) my moxie tools port doesn't yet support something like the FR-V's FDPIC ABI that would allow for proper shared library support in the absence of an MMU. elf2flt ends up wrapping the installed linker, so builds actually produce BFLT binaries without any extra step.
  • a moxie-uclinux toolchain: I build this from the same sources as the moxie-elf toolchain, but with a sysroot containing the kernel and uClibc header files.

This is all built and committed to moxiedev, which means that you can check it out and build it yourself with a single "ant build". I haven't tried using it yet, and I know it will fail in its current state. The next step is to build BusyBox with the moxie-uclinux toolchain and create an initramfs that we can link directly to the kernel binary. That's when the debugging fun begins...

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