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Das U-Boot on moxie!

My moxie port of U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader, has started working!

$ qemu-system-moxie -nographic -kernel u-boot
        U-Boot Start:0x00001000
Using default environment

U-BOOT for "moxiesim"

=> version

U-Boot 2009.03-rc2-00013-gefb4734-dirty (Apr 02 2009 - 20:07:32)
=> printenv

Environment size: 55/4092 bytes

It's pretty amazing to have an interactive app running on qemu now. U-Boot is using the serial port for console communications (we added the UART to qemu a few blog entries ago). I haven't added any ethernet device yet, so all of the networking is configured out for now. There's not even a timer device, so the sleep command doesn't work. However, this is still a huge step forward.

I haven't decided yet if the U-Boot port will live in MoxieDev. It's already quite huge, and this would add another 130MB or so. I'll sleep on it.

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