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New git repo

I'll bottom line this one quickly:

  • moxiedev is now maintained with git. Check it out like so..
    $ git clone
  • moxiedev now contains a partial u-boot port. It's "partial" because I fat fingered some commands and blew away four or five important files. They will have to be recreated before this thing builds.

Lessons learned:

  • hg is much more intuitive than git. Unfortunately hg and/or my hg hoster was having problems with the size of moxiedev, necessitating a change. Hosting a public git repo on my own system seemed like the easiest thing.
  • Make sure you backup everything. I am cursing myself for not having pushed out the u-boot port much sooner (but I had to move off of the hg system first).

BTW - still waiting on GCC steering committee decision on inclusion of moxie port.

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