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The Moxie Game Console?

Ok, not quite, but Krister Lagerström recently did something cool..


That's NetHack ported to RTEMS running on the moxie based Marin SoC.

It runs on QEMU, via "qemu-system-moxie --nographic --machine marin --kernel nethack.elf", or on FPGA hardware. I tested with a Nexys 3 Spartan-6 board by simply converting it …

Putting it together: on-chip firmware

The on-chip firmware for the Marin SoC has been updated with the gdb stub, so now when you program the FPGA, you'll see the following on the serial console:

MOXIE On-Chip Bootloader v2.0
Copyright (c) 2013 Anthony Green

Waiting for an S-Record Download or Remote GDB Connection …

Moxie ports and hardware developments

It's been a while since my last update.. let me bring you up to speed.

A couple of libffi releases got in the way of moxie hacking (although libffi 3.0.13 now includes full moxie support!), but things are picking up speed again.

On the software side of things …

Running a C Program on the Marin SoC

I've just committed the bits required to run a C program on the Marin SoC.

Rather than hook up the Nexys3 external RAM module, I'm using extra space on the FPGA itself for RAM. Most of the hard work was sorting out the linker script magic required to generate an …

Moxie SoC Progress

Time for a quick update!

"Marin" is the name of my test SoC consisting of a wishbone wrapped 75Mhz big-endian MoxieLite bus master, along with two slave devices: embedded ROM and the Nexys3's 7-segment display. So, right now I can write some code into FPGA embedded ROM to manipulate the …

It's Alive!

There's a working hardware implementation of moxie in the wild!

Intrepid hacker Brad Robinson created this moxie-compatible core as a peripheral controller for his SoC. He had been using a simple 8-bit core, but needed to address more memory than was possible with the 8-bit part. Moxie is a nice …

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