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Running a C Program on the Marin SoC

I've just committed the bits required to run a C program on the Marin SoC.

Rather than hook up the Nexys3 external RAM module, I'm using extra space on the FPGA itself for RAM. Most of the hard work was sorting out the linker script magic required to generate an appropriate image.

I've also added a UART with 1k hardware FIFO transmit and receive buffers. The 1k is probably overkill, so I'll likely shrink them once everything else is working.

I've moved all memory mapped IO devices up to 0xF0000000. So, for instance, the 7-segment display LED is at 0xF0000000, and the UART transmit register is at 0xF0000004. I'll just keep going from there.

Next comes libgloss hacking to map stdout/stdin to the UART (which I talk to with minicom on my Linux box). We're very close to "Hello World" now!

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