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NetHack in your browser

This is a moxie-rtems port of NetHack running on a modified version of the gdb moxie simulator compiled to javascript with emscripten.

Terminal uses canvas

Krister Lagerström is responsible for this marvellous hack.

Also, I suppose this blog entry represents a distribution of some GPL'd source code from GDB, so …

The Moxie Game Console?

Ok, not quite, but Krister Lagerström recently did something cool..


That's NetHack ported to RTEMS running on the moxie based Marin SoC.

It runs on QEMU, via "qemu-system-moxie --nographic --machine marin --kernel nethack.elf", or on FPGA hardware. I tested with a Nexys 3 Spartan-6 board by simply converting it …

And time ticks on...

The interrupt controller is working now, as is the timer and my exception handling firmware. So now I'm able to write a basic stop-watch application, where the 7-segment display simply increments the count every second. Yes, this sounds basic, but there's a lot of complexity under the hood! This is …

Moxie ports and hardware developments

It's been a while since my last update.. let me bring you up to speed.

A couple of libffi releases got in the way of moxie hacking (although libffi 3.0.13 now includes full moxie support!), but things are picking up speed again.

On the software side of things …

RTEMS status update

The RTEMS port in moxiedev is looking pretty good right now. Here's a test of the RTEMS network loopback device running on the moxie gdb simulator.  The first two client connections fail in this test.  It's supposed to fail in the first case, but I'm not sure about the second …

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