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And time ticks on...

The interrupt controller is working now, as is the timer and my exception handling firmware. So now I'm able to write a basic stop-watch application, where the 7-segment display simply increments the count every second. Yes, this sounds basic, but there's a lot of complexity under the hood! This is all with the MoxieLite-based Marin SoC. Next up: one of the following...

‚Äč1. Finish the hardware GDB remote protocol handler, or
2. Implement a Marin board emulator in QEMU, or
3. Add support for external RAM (I'm currently just using limited FPGA BRAM), or
4. Add interrupt support and timer ticks to RTEMS, or
5. Hook up the bus watchdog to the processor (should this go through the interrupt controller? Or directly to the core?)

We shall see....

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