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Branch delays

I've coded up logic for more arithmetic instructions, register moves, as well as direct and indirect jumps. For jumps, I simply pass a branch signal from the execute stage back to the fetch stage, as well as the computed target address. Here's some code that works now:

    xor $r0, $r0 # Zero out $r0
    mov $r1, $r0
    mov $r2, $r0
    mov $r3, $r0
    mov $r4, $r0
loop:   inc $r0, 0x1 # Increment $r0
    inc $r1, 0x1
    inc $r2, 0x1
    inc $r3, 0x1 
    inc $r4, 0x1 
    jmpa    loop+0x1000 # Offset hack

A couple of things to note... Boot ROM is mapped into the address space at 0x1000, which explains the offset hack above. A linker script is probably the right way to do this. Using ".org 0x1000" at the start of the source appears to pad the resulting object with 0x1000 bytes of nothing, which means it doesn't fit into the small space I've allocated for bootrom.

Also note that I've got to deal with branch delay slots. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet. Due to the nature of the variable width instruction encoding, it looks like you can have either 1 or 2 delay slots to fill, depending on the instruction sizes. I don't like this at all. I'll probably end up limiting it to one delay slot.

This is one of those ugly areas where implementation informs design. I'd rather not have delay slots at all, but it's hard to ignore the performance gain.

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