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On-chip communications

I need to build real SoC infrastructure around my developing core in order to test it on real hardware. For the most part, this means a memory controller and IO devices. I've decided to implement a shared-bus wishbone-style interconnect for these devices. Wishbone is an open source on chip bus architecture that is popular with many open core developers. While not perfect, wishbone is a good choice for this first SoC due its simplicity and the ample supply of sample implementations.

The main complaints about wishbone are the lack of efficient semaphore operations (the bus remains locked for an entire read/modify/write operation) and the lack of pipelined reads/writes. This doesn't bother me for the moment. I just need a simple interconnect so I can focus on debugging the moxie core part of the SoC.

By the way, there's a terrific book on this subject called "On-Chip Communication Architectures". Chapters 2 and 3 are great introductions to on-chip interconnects, and it looks like Google Books has the entire chapter 2 online here...

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